Thursday, May 31, 2012

Unmanned drones over America

Unmanned drones make it easier for Americans to spy on other Americans for no good God damned reason. It's 2012 and we're in 1984, folks.

With any luck these things will collect hard evidence that the Black Keys do, in fact, suck.

What constitutes the correct use of spy drones? Is there any correct use? Medical marijuana farms in California are within the laws of their state, homosexuals living in states with sodomy laws are out of bounds in the laws of their states. How far does the use of unmanned drones go? It is territory that hasn't yet been crossed in America but states are buying this technology up so nobody is actually safe from the peering eye of the state.

The War on Terror seems to have been fought just fine within the US without these damn peeping toms all over the place, so what is the actual benefit of throwing this shit up into the air?

Sure, it'll catch a few criminals but at what cost? Google cars already siphon my private information as they drive by taking photos to 'improve their maps' but still can't get me anywhere in Austin, TX accurately. Drones can easily be outfitted with the same technology.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, "those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither and by the way, you're all fucked."

Living isn't to be done in the shadows, constantly looking over your back to find out when terrorists will strike. Living is knowing that anything can happen and does happen and you continue on with your day in spite of that fact. And I'm all for federally mandated groping sessions. I believe that if there is a danger and where there is more likely to be a danger, for the sake of all passengers' safety, certain measures should be done to protect everyone. Flying is not a right. You choose to fly. The government regulates it. That's fine.

Being photographed and filmed as I walk to my car? That seems to be an overstepping of bounds. Do police forces have to obtain warrants to film and photograph with drones? That's too much damn power for local police forces who have 90% more mustache than muscle.

I want to make a big old mural and put it on my roof. Maybe it'll be a painting of Obama and George Bush naked and in the throes of passion, frying eggs on each others' backsides.

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