About Us

The Cheesepaper was founded in the same spirit of the sites that came before it. First was tsgx which existed before the word 'blog.' tsgx was founded by our good friend in high school and was dedicated to taking no prisoners, making fun of everything, comics titled Virgin Eel, and making short movies starring characters named Braul (Pronounced brawl, not BRA ool) and movies named Ultra Violent Movie. I shit you not, Hurricane Katrina hit and our web host died in NOLA effectively ending the site.

Next came vsbx. Obviously the initialism was meant to be linked to the memory of tsgx. vsbx did the same basic thing as tsgx except we were all about to graduate from college. vsbx's lifespan was much shorter.

What do we want to do here? Everything. Mostly nothing. There'll be comics. There'll be political ranting. There'll be movie reviews. There'll will be a lot of shit. We will also be publishing books under the banner of Beggars & Cheeseburgers. Some will be ebooks. Some will be ebooks and print books. Some will never leave our minds.

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