Monday, May 21, 2012

Now they're protecting tax-dodging traitors

The GOP as it breathes today makes absolutely no sense to me.

Facebook founding fuck, Eduardo Saverin leaves the US because he's already sucked all the milk out of America's education system, enjoyed the protections of America's military, and so on and now he doesn't want to pay his fair share. So he renounces his citizenship to avoid paying taxes.

Is this at all defensible to the self-proclaimed patriotic and 'pro-America' party?

Why, yes. Of course it is. Wealth comes before God and country.

Eduardo Saverin took everything he could, helped found a company that saw its full wealth in the United States of America and his 'thank you' to his country is to run out on the bill without even leaving a tip.

If the GOP wants to call out the 'welfare' state, why not point the finger at Saverin? That's right. The rich, who have money, shouldn't pay taxes, shouldn't be patriotic and should be able to leave as soon as something they don't like happens. While the poor work until they die, pay for a system that doesn't support them but props up oil companies and social media masturbators, sign up to fight and die for a country that doesn't give a shit about them, and are frequently being blamed for the ills of our country.

We bailed the rich out once. Let it never happen again.

It's time for the GOP to wake up and stop bothering with trying to protect foreign interests. Eduardo Saverin is a foreign interest.

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