Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh, no! Zimmerman got roughed up!

I'm sick of the media and the cry baby case of Martin Zimmerman.

He had a bloody head when he initiated a conflict with an innocent boy. The boy is dead, Zimmerman is not. Zimmerman has no stand your ground case.

If some creep followed me in a car, got out of his car and confronted me my first thoughts would be, "Run like hell, this guy wants to rape/kill me" and, "If he gets any closer, I'm going to have to deck him." Trayvon Martin acted in self defense. No scrape on Martin Zimmerman's body comes close to a life ending gun shot.

I'm sorry your head got banged up, Zimmerman. They have great healthcare in prisons. You can get a taxpayer funded $1000 bandage there. When you get out of prison, you can run for office and, if elected, get great healthcare there too.

When you see something suspicious, call the police and listen to them when they say not to get out of your car. This situation was the exact situation they wanted to avoid.

Stay in your fucking car, go home and play video games, and don't kill people.

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