Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Operation Offend Arizona

Hey, everybody!

Did you hear about this?

Oh, stop it. We just gave Kirk D. Adams, Speaker of the House of Arizona, a helmet. A helmet to protect his dick head.

The Arizona legislature just passed a bill that is so broad and incorporates such loose language that anything that "offends" Arizona lawmakers on the internet can be censored and subject to punishment! The Arizona legislature has been on a crazy-bill passing binge lately.

So let's get offending! Starting today, every day we will post whatever offensive thing you have to say about Arizona and its government (provided it's not violent or threatening in nature).

How can I kick things off? What would offend Arizona so much that they may come find me and charge me money for offending them.

Oh, of course!

The United States Constitution.

That'll offend 'em!

The US Constitution, in its entirety

Seriously, send us stuff to offend Arizona with and we'll forward it to Arizona courtesy of the power of email.


  1. Arizona makes me sweat and not in a good way.

  2. Hmmm....a couple of weeks ago I got reprimanded for callng a co-workers choice of clothing "interesting".

    Perhaps we can dirt bomb them with words that are almost impossible to misinterpet.