Tuesday, April 3, 2012

M.A.; Moutbreathers Anonymous

Welcome welcome welcome.

Don't worry, all Westerners are welcome here.  Lets use this space to protect ourselves from the judgement of the Japanese.

A couple years back, I was at a party with a Japanese woman (first generation).  At some point in time this woman started getting upset.  She began to look for reasons to leave the party.  Shortly after, her frustration hit she left claiming that she, "couldn't handle being around all these mouthbreathers."

Bewildered, dumbfounded, and abjected, I allowed her to storm out without voicing my dejection; However, as our almighty lord Christ, the savior, would have it -- vengeance would be served.

As it turns out, the Japanese are the worst damn mouth breathers I've experienced to date and I've taken quite a few crowded subways throughout Europe and other major US cities.  No, no I haven't felt any Japanese breathing down my spine, but let me ask you how do you stench up a whole fucking sub to smell like a unbrushed mouth if you don't breath through your damn mouth?

Anyone find the tubesock I dropped?

With that said, "FUCK YOU Japanese woman from a couple years back." Good day, other Japanese people.

Editors note: If you missed the point it's actually that Japanese subs often reek of disgusting mouth smell.  I dread stepping into a train after you see a whole train full of people unload in front of you. Cheerio!

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