Friday, March 2, 2012


The night was long and the battle hard fought, but we were victorious.

The wolves were invading; they sensed our weakness for the Japanese tatami floors, over glorified seat cushions of a bed called futons, pidgin ceiling fucking, and lack of heating. They crept out from the 5th basement floor of the Nagoya train station.

Weaving in and out of the food stalls of unidentifiable foods, mini-mall shops, and millions of unrecognizable moon faces that littered the basement of the train station they made their way to our concrete fortress; The wolves could sense our fear. They tore through the flights of stairs to reach our stronghold -- Apartment #1405 14th floor. We were prepared. Our stronghold was reinforced with un-insulated aluminum doors. We thought that they wouldn't be able to make it past our bunker door and, in the event they did, we prepared another booby trap; a shoe-taking-off platform. Yes, they would be stuck because entrance would not be allowed unless shoes were to be removed. Silly wolves, animals don't wear shoes.

It was 4 am; Japan time. I sat wide awake jet lagged in my six tatami mat sized room. Peering outside my wood sliding door/closet-like door I saw them... the homesickness wolves... waiting at our shoe-taking-off platform. We were safe. They would have to retreat until they learned how to properly remove their shoes. I would be able to sleep peacefully for two hours now.

Until that time comes, I can call this city my new home...

Welcome to Nagoya Big Man Japan.

Serious posts to follow...

Side Note:
This post alone took me an extra shitton of clicks because Google decided that since I am in Japan I can read Japanese thus changing all the dashboard settings... not to mention all their directed ads are in Japanese as well.

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