Monday, March 5, 2012

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday. A day in which the voting public from a lot of states get together and cast ballots for people they don't really like in hopes that they can beat someone they really don't like.

Big Man Japan Garkahar won't get this because now he's fully involved in Japanese politics and watching the Uematsu vs. Sakaguchi debates. He's thrilling me with his political commentary but he's having a hard time deciphering their body language. It's harder to translate into English than you think.

Uematsu, candidate for the Social Democratic Party, smiles at his opponent Sakaguchi of the Democratic Social Party. Yes, this is Japanese body language for a smile. 

I digress, what are we watching for tomorrow? I live in Texas and we got kicked out of Super Tuesday because our Republicans were too busy here disenfranchising Latinos with their redistricting plans so we're constantly trying to figure out how we can slip that past the Feds. I think Texans would have voted for Santorum. Gingrich doesn't have the good ol' boy Texas chops. He wouldn't fit in here. Neither would Santorum but Romney would be like an Easter Bunny costume at a rabbit convention.

We also have lost our love for Rick Perry. He was revealed to be an idiot. You see, Texas is kind of an isolated bubble. Even liberals here thought Rick Perry had the chops to go all the way. We were scared. "He never lost an election he ran in." Well, the more you win, the more likely you are to lose. And he lost hard. Texans really do believe their shit is the best shit so it was nice to Rick Perry fall hard. It also helped us look into the mirror and think, "Wow, we elected that idiot just because he has a love for guns and speaks with a Texan accent." We would have been better just running a Whataburger cardboard cutout for the GOP nomination.

Love and Heartbreak.

My guess is Gingrich wins a state, Santorum wins 3 states, and Romney wins the rest of them. Gingrich will probably drop out three days after Super Tuesday if he only wins 1 state or fewer.

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