Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Folks, a contest is coming and other farts

Are there enough readers of the Cheesepaper to warrant a contest? Yes.

Is this a silly gimmick to gain more readers even if for only a few days? Yes.

There will be a flash fiction contest coming shortly with an actual physical prize that will be mailed or hand delivered depending on where you live. The winner will also be posted on this site so you can brag to your friends that you won some meaningless contest on the internet. But hey, at least there will be a prize.

This post is merely an announcement of an upcoming announcement.

I typed in "funky face foot" into the google machine and I got a funky face foot back. Miraculous. 

In other news, there will be a debate tonight for the remaining GOP contenders. Santorum will leak, Mitt Romney will recite, Paul will get confused but no one will say anything because that's a conspiracy, and Gingrich will fart and then his eyes will dart from side to side waiting for somebody to notice so he could blame the media for focusing on distractions when blaming the media is a brilliant distraction from everything important. 

You can also bet Sarah Palin will compose at least ten 300 word sentences on Fox News tonight in defense of whatever crazy shit Gingrich or Santorum say. She will also say lamestream media ten times. She's like that friend that said something funny once 3 years ago and just can't let it go. It's not funny anymore. It's not even tolerable. I'm not sure it ever was.

And for everyone who isn't in the "know," Tupac Shakur aka 2pac aka Makaveli aka Black Elvis is still alive and buying Twinkies: 

Don't say you never saw some real shit here. Because you did. You did. 

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