Monday, July 30, 2012

Does anyone in Iran believe this shit?

This shit. This is the shit I'm talking about. Does anyone in Iran believe it?

We're so used to seeing Iran as one whole mass of villainy but we're really only seeing the Ayatollah and that one short guy with a beard who looks like he's the type of guy that complains about the number of onions you put in his sandwich at Subway.

Further, does anyone believe this shit?

I refuse to believe the Iranian people buy this crap. If the West could really control the weather and cripple Iran, then why the hell is my corn in America getting more expensive? It must be an Iranian plot.

Maybe I have too much faith in humanity. 

In my own country we have some small time sheriff doing tricks in MSPaint to prove Obama was born in Kenya... and some people believe that shit. 

We also have Pat Robertson who sees every stray thundercloud as a sign from God... and some people believe that shit. 

We have a presidential candidate who has a dancing horse... I refuse to believe horses can dance but some people get $77,000 in tax breaks for it, can you believe that shit?

Some people make sweaters out of cat hair. Believe it.

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