Thursday, August 2, 2012

Christ Fil A

All of the sudden people boycotting Chick Fil A have Christophobia or are heterophobic. This is where political discourse is in America.

Don't believe that Jesus is a gay hating mad man? FUCK YOU! YOU'RE CHRISTOPHOBIC!

Don't believe that you should spend money at a place that financially supports anti-gay groups? FUCK YOU! YOU'RE AFRAID OF HETEROSEXUALS!

Oh, Jesus. 

This is just insane.

I love how every conservative now has to prove just how conservative they are by tweeting pictures of themselves *ordering* Chick Fil A sandwiches.

I call your bluff. Tweet pics of yourselves EATING Chick Fil A sandwiches (you're not eating them is my point. You're giving them to your wild eyed interns). Hell, I hear their chicken salad is awesome. Tweet pics of yourselves clinging to the toilet, crying out to God an hour after eating said chicken salad. That'll really prove how much you love Jesus.

Chick Fil A makes good sandwiches and hires good people. Their sandwiches are pretty expensive and the price to pay on the toilet outweighs all other factors when deciding what repackaged poop factory sandwich I want to eat.

I searched "repackaged poop factory" and, I shit you not, Google gave me this.

I could care less about Chick Fil A.

Buying a fucking sandwich is now a grand political statement. Who cares?

This is what Christians think about when they say they're being persecuted. Google Chinese Christians and see what persecution looks like. We're fighting about fucking sandwiches.

Meanwhile in Fantasy Land, Mitt Romney's horse lost the dancing contest but got fucked up at the after party:


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  2. Chick Fil A colluded with Russia to get a restaurant in Manhattan. That’s the only possible way to deflect the boycotts.