Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaire

Raising taxes is hard sell in this country. Nobody likes looking at their gross amount and then looking at their actual take home amount. I doubt rich people with accountants do this but it is a deafening experience when you're working for minimum wage at a Subway. Taking off a dancing sandwich man costume to pick up your check only to see that all that sweat and all those names called at you meant less after the government took its share of your check.

Maybe they only took $20 off of the check. It sounds like nothing but it means a whole hell of a lot to the lower class. When I hear millionaires whine about being taxed effectively at the same proportion of the poor, I laugh. I say effectively because I know they get taxed at higher percentages but with all of their tax shelters, loopholes, etc etc they pay peanuts while we're paying dollars.

Mitt Romney put on his boat shoes today. He's the Republican version of John Kerry. I don't want to know you own racehorses or ride sail boats to the Cayman Islands- a place safe enough for your money to hide. As elitist as the laughably elite of the GOP tried to paint Obama, I'd just like them to take a look at this guy:

It's very hard for a human to look out of his element in jeans but Mitt Romney looks allergic. Why is he standing next to Anglo-Mao?

The reason why we're so against raising taxes on the rich is because we all think one day we're going to be rich. It ain't going to happen.

If schools are unfunded, there is no future. The working poor have been squeezed enough already. Close some loopholes for guys who shop for jeans at Neiman Marcus because they want to look like regular people. They're people, yes. A lot of them are good people. They are understandably attached to what they make. A Subway employee hates paying taxes as much as a billionaire but a Subway employee can't afford to pay more while a billionaire pays people to ensure they pay less.

Bullshit, I say.

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