Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last Call: The Bukowski Legacy Continues

Howdy, all.

This post right here is to inform y'all that one of our very own is an a compilation of Bukowski inspired stories, poetry, and essays.

Andrew Hilbert's poem, "Smoke Follows Beauty," is in the mix. We're thinking you should get yourself a copy.

Here's a list of all the folks that contributed:

CC Russell, Pris Campbell, GH Hill, Michael C. Ford, Henry Denander, G. Murray Thomas, Ellaraine Lockie, Rebecca Morrison, Frank Reardon, Andrew Hilbert, Mende Smith, Mike Adams, Ben Smith, Mark Terrill, Doug Holder, HL Thomas, Charles Ries, John Dorsey, Father Luke, Jay Alamares, Michael Thompson, Bretton B. Holmes, Ian Rawkinrec, John Yamrus, Michael Lefanto, FN Wright, Gerry Niccosia, Joan Jobe Smith, Alan Catlin, Eric Djaeger, Bill Gainer, A.D. Winans, Doug Draime, Lawrence Welsh, Ed Jamieson Jr., Joe Speer, Joy Buckley, Jayne Lyn Stahl, Rick Smith, William Taylor Jr., Edward Field, Gerry Locklin, Isaac Edwards, Linda Lerner, Neeli Cherkovski, Michael Meloan, John Macker, Marc Olmstead, Alex Thiltges, Michael Basinski, D. A.  Pratt, Anne Menebroker, Abel Debritto, and RD Armstrong.

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