Thursday, November 1, 2012

I do not want to make a political post

It's been a hell of a long time since I've posted anything. My last post was about Ronald McDonald for God's sake. Since then, tons of shit has happened during the campaign. I will speak of none of them.

Let me say this, November 6th is coming. I can't fucking wait until the day after when I'll be dealing with hangover depression or hangover jubilation. I'm buying two bottles for the outcomes. One bottle of champagne and one bottle of the most liver scarring whiskey I can find (likely in a plastic bottle).

Hear you me, BOTH bottles will be extinguished no matter what the outcome it's just the order in which they will be and the amount of tears that go into each bottle.

I'm not stupid. The world won't end if MITTbot 2000 wins but the world will be that much closer to the singularity. If a robot can win the presidency of the most powerful nation on Earth, humans are done. What happens when his circuits fry? There's only so many times a computer can change its "mind."

"Step the fuck away from the caviar, slave."

Say what you will about Joe Biden, at least he's not a douche bag who thought the above was a good idea. Robots have no sense of decency which is why we have Paul Ryan practicing his putting-down-the-proletariat pose for when he gets to move into the Quadrilateral Office (the VP's equivalent of the Oval Office).

I can't wait until I can stop making nervous jokes about Romney and just start flat out pointing and laughing at the loser. Hopefully. That's the outcome and reality I want. Don't make me pop the champagne second. 

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