Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why I have a strong disdain for Mitt Romney

There was a time, early in this election season, when I said, "Once the GOP weeds out all the lunatics, the country will be left with Romney. Romney winning wouldn't be so bad. He's a moderate." Boy, has that time passed.

I mistook spinelessness for centrist. Romney is willing to do and say anything to get people to vote for him.

Abortion - he's been for and against it. I'm not saying the man isn't allowed to change his mind, shit happens. When he was running for MA governor, he was for it because it was politically expedient for him to be. Now that the Republican party's loudest wing is the socially conservative wing, he is against it. When he was running for governor in MA, he publicly distanced himself from Reagan and Bush. Today he acts like he's always worshiped at the altar of Reagan.

There are no new ideas in the Romney campaign. He wants to cut taxes and close loopholes. What loopholes? Get back to him after the election. That's just another way of saying, "I have the courage to cut taxes but lack the balls to close loopholes." He won't cut any loopholes or tax breaks for corporate jets or dancing horses, I assure you of that. He's pro-life but he's going to make having a kid more expensive by cutting the tax break for dependents.

No one's ever asked him to see his birth certificate. Obviously, Mitt Romney. You're white. Barack Obama has a funny name and was born in Hawaii and is black. That was a stupid joke you made but it was clear who you were dog whistling to. You were telling the whites in your party that they could trust you because your values were the same as theirs on account of your skin color. You're a panderer and a narcissist. You also underestimate the decency of the American people with bullshit like that.

He talks about patriotism but spends tons of money hiding more of his money from the government. His fucking yacht flies the Cayman Islands flag. I thought he was a true blooded American who thought this country was the greatest in the world. Obama got shit for forgetting to wear a lapel pin in 2008, Romney gets no shit for hiding his money, hiding his tax returns, and flying another country's flag on his fucking yacht. This guy is rich and he's rubbing it in your faces.

Mitt Romney has been given every leadership position he's attained. He's rich - there's nothing wrong with being rich. But it's one thing to go to school and work at McDonalds to pay for it and it's another thing to "borrow" money from your parents to go to Harvard. I know plenty of rich kids who claim to "borrow" money from their parents but they "have to pay it back." Sure.

Mitt Romney's biography could be that of a super villain. Born rich and sheltered, bought his way to everywhere, never felt failure because you can always buy your way out of it, raided companies to give himself bigger bonuses, got bored because his money couldn't take him any further and decided to run for president. This is the one thing that money still can't buy. It may still be able to buy the office but it can't buy the election.

People still take the vote as sacred in this country and as much as factions of the country dislike Obama, they can't trust Mitt Romney. He's never been 100% on any issue. Ann Romney told me, "I know your struggles." No, you know OF my struggles. If my struggles caused me to sell off some stock, I'd say that owning stock that could get me out of my struggles by selling them in the first place meant I never truly had a struggle.

Mitt Romney - probably a good father. Probably a good husband. Definitely a good financial man. He's dedicated to his version of religious truth. After November, though, he'll return to being just another rich guy.


  1. The larger point is that Mitt Romney is ignorant to the institutional advantages that the rich have obtained during the past 30 years. It is not that Democrats or the rest of the country disdain wealth or success, rather, that only can a guy like Mitt Romney, who pays a 13 percent tax on his 100 million dollar income, not see the inherent unfairness in someone else paying a 28 percent tax on their $45,000 income. It is these policies, advocated and lobbied for by the wealthy, that is at the center of much of the animosity to Mitt Romney and the Republican party as a whole

  2. Bhavik, you are much more articulate fellow than I am. Cheers.